Our ethical production methods are extremely important to us to maintain a high quality. Our pieces are handmade in our studio ensuring that all aspects of the production are ethical and responsible, using the highest quality fabrics. Having full control over our process from beginning to end allows us to make sure our rigorous standards are followed at all times. We believe ethical production and quality is vital and we aim to share this with our customers.


All our menswear pieces are designed and produced by hand in Melbourne. We produce our clothing in limited runs, which allows us to manage our production and meet our objective of not contributing to environmental damage. The limited runs of our designs ensure that our customers are receiving a quality garment that is not only made to the highest quality but is exclusive and unique.


Sustainability is first and foremost at Cameron & James, we ensure that with each step we take is planned with precision to allow minimal waste and excess stock. From the design stage right through to production, we ensure that our clothing is made with the utmost care. Our patterns are designed and cut to ensure virtually zero wastage, we produce in small runs to ensure that there is no excess stock and all of our actions are made with the environment around us in mind


At Cameron & James, we draw inspiration from the environment around us. We believe that by using natural and organic fabrics allows us to create pieces that age naturally with you. Clothing that becomes an extension of your body. Our processes and clothing are created with no harsh chemicals or pesticides. We ensure that each piece has a minimal impact to the environment.

The Brand

Cameron & James is a Melbourne based, ethically produced menswear label with a focus on sustainable and eco-friendly fashion. We believe that our careful fabric consideration and fashion forward designs combined with our passion for sustainable and ethically produced clothing will help our clothes transcend seasons and become staples in your wardrobe. We aim to create a stylish, sustainable and eco-friendly menswear label that never compromises on quality or style. From the initial concept, through to the end product we ensure that every aspect of our clothing is sustainable and ethical to allow us to give a quality brand that people can be proud of.

Designed and produced in Melbourne the label has grown in strength over the past few years to become well known in the sustainable and ethical fashion movement. We believe that these practises have helped us gain a lot of exposure aiding us in growing our social circle and providing us with many opportunities. Our first big break was taking part in Undress Runways, a national runway event which features many talented designers from the ethical, sustainable and eco-friendly section of the fashion industry. This exposure has helped us to see ourselves from the outside and only strengthen our passion for our fashion forward, sustainable brand. In 2015 we were selected to be take part in Canberra’s FashFest and unveiled our newest range to a national audience with great success.

As an ethical and sustainable brand, we want to show people about the importance of ethical & sustainable fashion. We believe that you should never have to sacrifice or compromise on style or quality when it comes to clothing. We want to highlight all of the health benefits of a label who produces clothing without chemicals or pesticides commonly found in mainstream labels. We aim to show people that we can create a sustainable fashion forward future. We will never compromise in creating fashionable, sustainable, ethically produced clothing.

The lead designer Cameron has an eye for minimalist and understated design, focusing on the cut, quality and style above all else. He is supported by a dedicated creative team who help contribute to Cameron & James’ vision for a brand that never compromises on ethics, quality or style. Our garments are inspired by nature and the environment and Cameron masterfully weaves the natural aesthetic into his designs whilst still maintaining a modern edge. The use of organic fabric compliments the aspects of design drawn from nature to create pieces that look and feel as if they were a natural extension of your body.

Cameron & James is Ethical, Handmade, Natural and Sustainable. A menswear label with a heart.

Why ‘Make to Order’

At Cameron & James we aim to ensure that we provide the highest quality menswear, while reducing the impact that our business has on the environment. At our core we believe that Independent designers give people a choice, and to give you the best choice we have decide to change the way we manufacture at Cameron & James from ‘ready to wear’ to ‘made to order’. This means that after your order is received and processed, we will produce your individual handmade garment from our Melbourne based studio and send it out to you.

The ‘made to order’ basis allows us to reduce excess waste and use our time wisely, so your clothing is produced ethically and sustainably to our high standards. This individual care means that not only will it last longer, but it will ensure that your garment will be produced with the highest quality natural and organic fabrics. In most fashion labels the ‘ready to wear’ option mass produces the same style, using processes and fabrics which result in a piece of clothing which perhaps only last a few months. This option often means that the clothing is designed to be then thrown away. At Cameron & James we believe that you should never have to sacrifice or compromise on style, quality or the environment. So when it comes to clothing, so our new ‘made to order’ basis will allow us the time to produce the highest quality ethical, sustainable, natural and handmade clothing just for you.

The Designer

In 2010 Cameron completed a Diploma of Applied Fashion Design & Technology at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology and went on the following year to study a Certificate IV in Business. This technical basis allowed him to explore various facets of the industry at great length and after being exposed to the many different facets of the fashion industry he became disheartened at the surging trend for people to head into ‘fast fashion’. A quick and easy trend for brands to mass produce clothing from low grade fabrics, using sub-standard techniques and cutting corners to save on production costs. Producing clothing that was detrimental not only to the environment but to the workers creating them. A practice that encourages workers both in Australia and abroad to be pressured into working excessive hours for less than minimum wage, labouring in conditions that compromise their health and safety and contribute to environmental decay.

Large labels were creating profit by destroying and degrading environments in the name of fashion. Not only was this the accepted norm but Cameron saw there were few labels or brands that could help to combat this; you could wear organic clothing, but you would compromise on style. Cameron decided that fashion and sustainability could coexist together. Cameron & James was born, a label that combines the exclusivity of a fashion forward menswear label with the piece of mind that comes with sustainable and ethical clothing.


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